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Jeremy Loveday for city council

November 15, 2014 | victoria bc

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About Me

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my page and to learn about me and my vision for Victoria. I grew up in Victoria and I want to see the people of this city thrive. 

I moved back 6 years ago, after earning a degree in History and Political Science from Concordia University.  Since returning I've dedicated myself to building community, amplifying voice, and speaking out about important issues facing our community. With your support, I hope to continue this work as a Victoria City Councillor. 

My full time day job entails raising funds and awareness for heart disease and stroke research. On the side, I run two successful youth empowerment programs, sit on the board of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, and perform poetry around the city. I thrive on meeting people, problem solving, and working to make our city more vibrant and livable. I see running for Victoria City Council as a natural next step that is consistent with my passion for community-minded organizing.

In Victoria, I am known best for two things:

1. Creating spaces and platforms for people’s voices to be heard. I founded the Victorious Voices Youth Arts Festival and the City of Victoria Youth Poet Laureate project. Both of these programs give youth opportunities to be heard by their peers and community leaders.

2. Speaking out about important issues even when it is difficult. Whether the issue is gender violence, dangerous pipelines, poverty, or food security, I have consistently advocated for safer, fairer and more sustainable communities.

These are qualities I will bring to City Council. I will create platforms for your voice to be heard and establish new avenues to educate Victorians about what is happening at City Hall. I will also continue to speak out about important issues facing our community and ask tough questions in order to make the best decisions for Victorians today.

Those who have worked closely with me know that I believe in the power of working collaboratively. Regardless of the task, I bring people together, listen to all sides, and think creatively to get the job done. I believe I have the experience, leadership, and common sense that it takes to be effective on City Council.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my vision for the city and for taking an interest in Victoria municipal politics. I hope I can count on your vote on November 15th. 

If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more in person please get in touch. During the campaign and as your Councillor, I will be available to chat and to listen.


real estate development that doesn’t leave people behind


Fight for affordable living

Victoria needs to be a city with quality jobs and affordable living. Together we can fight for that.

Cultivate lively neighbourhoods

Let’s make neighbourhoods a place where community happens.

Build a sustainable, inclusive, city

Victoria should be a city for everyone. Together, let’s build a sustainable, inclusive city.

Victoria needs to be a city with quality jobs and affordable living

"An effective leader"

Murray Rankin - MP for Victoria

I've known Jeremy as an effective advocate for arts and culture in Victoria, a creative mentor for youth, and an inspiring anti-violence activist. Always a passionate community builder, he will be a welcome new voice on City Council.

"A passionate advocate"

Edward Pullman - President, Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, Fairfield Gonzales Community Association

Jeremy is a passionate advocate for sustainable transportation. He has the knowledge and ability to bring safe and accessible transportation options to Victoria. Our city would be lucky to have his energy and experience on council.

"Dedicated to his community"

Kelly Newhook - Executive Director, Together Against Poverty Society

Jeremy Loveday is an intelligent, thoughtful person who is extremely dedicated to his community. He is a good listener who values receiving input from a variety of sources when weighing the pros and cons of an issue. Jeremy is someone I would trust to put the public interest first and as such would make a fantastic Victoria City Councillor.

"A natural for City Councillor"

Jason Guille - entrepreneur and community builder

Jeremy's compassion, humility, intellect & creativity make him a natural for City Councillor - and his integrity, passion and leadership get him my vote. On Saturday, November 15th, I hope you'll help me ensure we put Jeremy on City Council - and bring some much-needed balance & fresh outlook to our municipal leadership.

"A strong voice, and a true advocate for a better Victoria"

Dave Morris - Speaker, Teacher, Improviser, and Theatre Company Director

Jeremy Loveday is not only one of the greatest poets I know, but he's also a great leader, a strong voice, and a true advocate for a better Victoria. He is dedicated to his community and improving those around him. City Council will be better because of Jeremy Loveday.

"A strong voice, role model and community leader"

Gagan Leekha - Resource Development Officer, Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

Jeremy brings talent and passion to everything he does and he is clearly committed to making the City of Victoria more vibrant and livable. He’s been a strong voice, role model and community leader in issues related to sustainable transportation, youth empowerment, food security and in ending gender-based violence. He asks good questions, listens to varying opinions and is accessible in his communication and approach.

Victoria should be a city for everyone. Together. let’s build a sustainable, inclusive city

Get Involved.


Want to see Jeremy get elected? It's going to take a community-sized team made up of people like you. You can volunteer as much as you'd like and there is lots to do - from knocking on doors to making buttons. Sign up and let's chat about how you can be involved!


Consider making a donation! Donations allow us to produce cards, signs, buttons, and more. Each donation helps us to produce the necessary materials for the campaign and amplifies the messages that we need people to hear. Please consider donating so that we can reach everyone in Victoria!


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Let’s make neighbourhoods a place where community happens.

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